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Daisy DeLaPaz




Daisy DeLaPaz has always been a good listener. Before becoming a real estate professional, Daisy worked in the restaurant industry, which exposed her to all different types of people. In Daisy, her customers had a trusted professional who was easy to talk to. Since embarking on her real estate career, Daisy has applied those listening skills to the many buyers and sellers she’s served.

A native of New Jersey, Daisy moved to Houston in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the city’s lively culture. Daisy’s previous career taught her how to think quickly on her feet, solve problems in a moment’s notice, and always approach each situation with a smile. These are all skills that Daisy carried over when she became an agent in 2017.

Real estate is Daisy’s dream career, as she’s caring and a tireless worker by nature. Though she enjoys helping all clients achieve their diverse real estate goals, Daisy is most passionate about helping first-time homebuyers — she loves guiding them through the process and answering their questions. When the process is over, and she’s handed them the keys to their new home, Daisy can smile, knowing she just helped to change someone’s life.

Outside of work, Daisy enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. She has two young children, who, in addition to bringing Daisy a great deal of joy, also provide her with drive and motivation. Whether it’s watching movies at home or taking pictures of her kids, Daisy’s family time recharges her and inspires her to do the best job for her clients.

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